Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Bed Bug Treatment Spray

For a long time, damaging pesticides were used to kill bed bugs, but often these methods did not completely eliminate the bed bugs or kill all of the eggs. Plus, the pesticides leave damaging residues that can influence humans and pets, cause rashes and other problems just as bad as the bed bugs. But the bed bugs to need to be detached as they can reason not only rashes, but also infections, spread viruses, and other illnesses that we don’t require in our homes, and positively not in hotels!

Now there is a non-toxic bed bug treatment product called Bed insect 911 that offers a secure option to pesticides that uses usual ingredients to kill the bed bugs and their eggs, all at once. This action spray has been tested over and over with astonishing results and has established to be the top-rated bed bug extermination and avoidance method in many areas of the U.S., and in Europe.

And Bed Bug 911 sells a scheme down with the action spray that almost guarantees to abolish all bed bugs and eggs speedily. All you have to do is extravagance the room, beds & pillows with the bed bug action spray, treat the laundry, and then use the Bed insect 911 mattress covers and pillow encasement or protectors to lock in the bed bugs with the action spray so they can’t get away.

Typically in 24-48 hours, the bed bugs and eggs are dead, and because you treated the room as well, any remaining bed bugs have no place to go where they won’t run into the action spray and be killed. For cleanup, or to make certain they are left, wait two weeks and treat again. Typically, you need one bottle of spray per room / bed / pillows. And as the product is non-toxic to humans and pets, you won’t have to be concerned regarding pesticide cleanup moreover.

Bed insect 911 offers your whole answer to exterminating the bed bugs once and for all with excellence mattress covers or encasement  cushion protectors, action spray (small travel size, regular spray bottle, and gallon refills for larger rooms and hotels)—everything you require to take away bed bugs from your life! You see all the pictures of bed bug bites on the internet—this doesn't have to be you any longer. Kill them once and for all, safely and obviously—with Bed Bug 911 action products.

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